About Hens-on Solutions

The World today is changing faster than ever before. Technological developments, financial constraints, expanding markets, restructuring and mergers, new philosophies and government legalization are all putting pressure on organizations to change and stay dynamic.
Yet the process of change is far from easy, and implementing it successfully makes considerable demands on the organization involved.

Hens-on Solutions is specialized in Logistics Consultancy, Interim Management and Project Management and is a reliable partner who can assist you and your organization in the process of change.
Not only process optimization and improving the company processes and logistical questions, by means of logistics consultancy, project management and interim management but also facilitating support of the processes by experiences of General Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Logistics, E-Commerce, IT and Quality assurance in production- and trade-companies and logistics service providers, nationally and internationally.

Hens-on Solutions works with experienced (senior) managers with the ability to tightly plan and communicate, optimize an organization, project, process, change management, troubleshooting and team building.

Hans van Goch